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Automated Medical Coding

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Koha Health and aiHealth Announce Partnership

Innovative partnership designed to leverage expertise in artificial intelligence

(AI) and medical coding to eliminate workflow inefficiencies and accelerate



Press release: Koha Health and aiHealth Announce Partnership to Bring Autonomous Medical Coding Solution to Orthopedic Practices

Merrimack, NH. 08.24.23 -- Koha Health a provider of revenue cycle management services, specializing in orthopedic and MSK-aligned practices and ambulatory surgical centers, and aiHealth, an industry leading autonomous medical coding platform utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), have announced a partnership designed to revolutionize traditional coding workflows and deliver productivity-enhancing solutions to orthopedic aligned practices nationwide. The partnership empowers practices to leverage AI to eliminate administrative burdens, improve data quality, and drive financial performance.

Several years ago, the release of ICD-10 made the medical coder’s job significantly more complicated by more than quadrupling the number of new codes from 14,000 to 70,000, which meant an immediate hit to productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. When combined with the 30% shortage of certified medical coders in hospitals, physician practices, and other healthcare organizations as reported by American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), the situation motivates healthcare providers and revenue cycle management companies to deploy AI within their revenue cycle.

Applying aiHealth’s autonomous coding with its other rules-based technologies allows Koha Health to reimagine manual and inefficient coding processes. Autonomous coding is exponentially faster than current forms of coding automation, and when implemented within coding workflows, eliminates repetitive manual coding tasks, freeing Koha’s expert orthopedic coders to focus on more complex cases.

"Turning to autonomous AI for medical coding creates efficiencies in practice operations, resulting in lower costs and better outcomes. aiHealth's autonomous coding accuracy coupled with Koha's coding expertise leads to increased coding production and compliance as well as reduction in coding-related denials. We’ve already seen these efficiencies positively impact our client base.” said Brian Hall, president and chief executive officer, Koha Health.

“We are thrilled to partner with Koha Health bringing our industry-leading autonomous coding platform to their clients within the Orthopedic/MSK and ASC market. By partnering with aiHealth, Koha enables their expert coders to focus on the complex cases, significantly reducing charge lag, accelerating cash flow, and creating a more efficient workflow. aiHealth's autonomous coding platform requires no human intervention to compliantly code charts, while allowing Koha’s coders to focus on other more complex areas, greatly benefiting clients and delighting providers.” said Kyle Swarts, president, aiHealth.


About Koha Health:

Koha Health supports independent orthopedic and MSK-aligned practices and ambulatory surgical centers in achieving total financial health by addressing both the revenue cycle and strategic concerns that impact organizational value. A Koha Health partnership offers practices access to revenue cycle expertise, patient engagement optimization, and strategic advisory services. With more than 30 years of experience, Koha Health is steeped in understanding best practice processes, and has the training and regulatory knowledge necessary to maximize financial performance and build practice value. Through robust tech-enabled services delivered by a global team that makes real investments in culture, Koha Health liberates physicians and owners from the stress of practice management allowing them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

About aiHealth:

aiHealth’s advanced AI platform automates repetitive, multi-specialty CPT® coding tasks, reducing manual intervention, lowering costs, and improving physician satisfaction. Unlike computer assisted coding, our contemporary technology streamlines administrative processes, enhances workflow efficiency, and accelerates revenue, while delivering quality care amidst the scarcity of medical coders, other staffing challenges, financial pressures, and provider burnout. aiHealth reduces coding turn-around-times from minutes to seconds, routing complex exceptions to expert coders, and allowing professionals to work at the top of their credentials.

graphic for Koha Health and aiHealth press release


Automated Medical Coding

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©2023 aiHealth   Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy

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©2023 aiHealth. All rights reserved.

©2023 aiHealth. All rights reserved

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