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Meet our team.

Ric Speaker

Founder & CEO

Image of Ric Speaker

Dave Wesley

Founder & CTO

Image of Dave Wesley

Kyle Swarts


Image of Kyle Swarts

Jean Balgrosky 


Founder & Board Member

Imagine of Jean Balgrosky

Parker Hinshaw

Founder & Board Member

Image of Parker Hinshaw

Paul Bergmann

Director of AI/ML & Advanced Analytics

Image of Paul Bergmann

Axel Stenson

Director of Project 
Management & Business Analysis

Image of Axel Stenson

Cynthia Sherman 


Vice President of Product & Implementation

Image of Cynthia Sherman

Angela Opalak

Director of 

Client Success

Curtis A. Mayse


Vice President of Business Development & Strategy

Woman at computer

AI-ML that positively impacts healthcare outcomes and clinician satisfaction.

Get to know our story.

The aiHealth team consists of experienced operators, revenue cycle experts, technologists, and clinicians who fully understand the complexity of healthcare, the daily pressures faced by clinicians, and the limitations of existing medical coding technology.


We developed trustworthy AI-ML technology that is user-friendly, allowing care providers and revenue cycle management staff to concentrate on patient-centered activities rather than repetitive, low-value tasks. By reducing the administrative burden on your coding team, we aim to improve efficiency and retention of key employees, freeing them up to work at the top of their certification by focusing on the complex notes, while AI-ML takes care of the rest.


Our solution gives care providers more time to engage with their patients, enhancing outcomes, increasing care provider satisfaction, and leading to greater patient satisfaction.

Driven by frustration with Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) and inspired by the quadruple aim, aiHealth built aiH.Automate™ to reduce spiraling coding costs, mitigate labor shortages, ease administrative overload, and enable physicians to focus on patient care.

AI-ML that positively impacts health care outcomes and clinician satisfaction.

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Automated Medical Coding

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©2023 aiHealth

©2023 aiHealth   Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy

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©2023 aiHealth. All rights reserved.

Automated Medical Coding

©2024 aiHealth. All rights reserved.

©2023 aiHealth   Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy

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©2023 aiHealth. All rights reserved.

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